False Flat Book Grid

False Flat Book Grid

Essentially made up of two different, but related structures:
1) Orange sections that contain the narrative of the book
2) Alternating multi-colored sections that provide visual examples and explanations/background on those examples

Conventions shared across sections:
1) Margins
2) Page numbers
3) Both sections start on the right-hand (recto) page
4) Relationship between section title and rectangular marker (same vertical height)
5) All images begin at the the outside/top margins

In the orange, narrative-driven sections:
1) Copy only appears on the verso; images can appear on both
2) Copy only appears in a single column
3) All copy (aside from captions and page numbers) is set in a playful serif font
4) Font sizes vary irregularly between about 12 – 24pt
5) Images are full page, full spread, or two per page

In the multi-colored visual example sections:
1) Copy only appears on the recto; images can appear on both
2) Copy only appears in a unique two-column structure, and only to define the 4×5 image grid
3) All copy is set in a small, “webby” sans-serif
4) Font size doesn’t change
5) Images typically full page, full spread, two per or 4×5 structure

Two column grid used for bibliography, index and acknowledgements
TOC is a really interesting summary of the book structure

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