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This course concerns itself with typography as described in two ways: a purposeful craft that branched off from printing and a formal element within an artistic composition.

With a more than 550-year history, typesetting — as found in books, posters, ephemera and on screen — forms the foundation of the course. Typesetting is the selection and placement of letterforms to transfer meaning. However prominent or intentional, the typography is part of the meaning. The job of the typographer is to create a nuanced, personalized and appro

This course carries an important structural twist. Each student will work with a single contemporary typeface generously donated by Village Type Foundry. Students will understand the broader typographic issues through prolonged exposure and practice using one type family. Each typeface provides its own historical and suggestive meanings, while being designed for present-day application. The typeface will be the focus of many of your assignments during the semester.


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