{December 2011


The 53 images collected in this book are ordered by the time of day the picture was taken.

They are a small fraction of the total number of pictures of type I took this term.

Typeset in Typiqal Mono.

I also updated my interview based on feedback from our guest critics: Revised PDF.

Jerel’s large thumbnail view:

Driver's license final revision of one


Interview with Ernesto Aparicio (PDF)

Convinced that powerful cultural stories can be revealed through typography, I set out to capture & highlight the typographic relics that live on antique store shelves. Over the past several weeks, I visited shops in Milwaukee, Providence and Boston, and on the following pages, I share my findings.

I attempted to organize this antique type the way items are set out in these stores — sometimes purposefully and sometimes haphazardly — and in some cases, the resulting juxtaposition of cultural paraphernalia says more than the type itself.

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V Final deliverables

Nice work, everyone. And thank you to Benjamin Shaykin and Julie Fry for being guest critics.

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