Pictures of Type: Overview

Walker Evans photograph, 1936, Beaufort, S.C.

This is a semester-long project created to house photographs that you find in public space. Whether for use as inspiration for a future typeface or project — like Gotham — or as documentary evidence of today or past — like Walker Evans –photographs of found type are an invaluable resource for designers. As the photographer, the student must pay particular attention to his/her surroundings. As the collector, the student must research and understand the image so it may be tagged or described effectively.

Collections of found photographs are not new. But Providence itself is a rich city typographically, and this archive will act as a catalog of its typographic heritage.


  1. Avoid mass-produced logotypes
  2. Upload best resolution, but should be jpg under 5mb
  3. Tagging is essential, moreso than a description
  4. You will need to upload and tag at least 432 new pictures of type by end of semester. That’s a “roll of film” (36exp) a week.

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