Typeface analysis and letter croppings

Take a good look at your assigned typeface — including the online marketing collateral, the lengthy type specimen sheet provided, and the typeface files themselves.

Letterform croppings

From A Type Primer, pp58-59

Zoom into the letterforms that make up your typeface. Find interesting positive and negative spaces, shapes, curves and angles. It’s important that we don’t read the letter. This assignment is about understanding form and counterform. Use only one glyph per sheet. Rotating is fine, but may not be necessary given the wealth of characters in the typeface.

Create 9 8×8″ finished drawings using either pen and ink or a photocopier. If working digitally (with the tyepface and InDesign), make 50 and print your favorite 9. Work iteratively. You’re looking to create engaging form.

Present your findings

Give an oral presentation on what you learned about the typeface to pair with your croppings. Describe your typeface in whatever terms seem appropriate: “whimsical”, “heavy”, “stern”, “Don Draper-like”. What classification system does the typeface fall under? What type of applications are well suited for this typeface? Is it already associated with a brand or cultural sector? What did you learn by observing the typeface (in the computer) and by creating the compositions?

You will need to post your script on this site after week 2 (to incorporate discussion) with your croppings.

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