Shift Typeface Analysis and Croppings

Shift was designed by Jeremy Mickel (mickeldesign) in 2011. This font family consists of 6 weights (extra light, light, book, medium, bold, black) and comes in roman and italics, for a total of 12 faces.

It was originally inspired by 1800s American slab-serif fonts, and so features relatively prominent serifs. As might be expected with a heavier slab-serif feel, it is primarily intended for display use, however it can also be used for text. In the lighter weights, Mickel notes that the letters resemble typewriter text. The heavier weights, however, feature quite thin counterspaces and thin spaces between letters. So there is a broad variety of “looks” between the thinnest and the heaviest faces.

I was struck by the contrasting shapes that come together to make this font family. There is an abundance of organic, curvy forms and counters, but there are also many letters that appear very architectural and almost rigid. In the heavier weights especially, I was impressed by the flow and rolling feel created along the x-height line of the letterforms. I would say this font has a smart, contemporary feel, perhaps slightly feminine in some weights.

My letter croppings:

{ Oct 7, 2011    4 Assignment 1   

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