Doko Presentation Notes & Croppings

About Doko
• Type family for magazines inspired by cartoons, illustration and hand-lettering
• Balances display type faces and functionality of text faces
• Expressiveness of typography in travel posters
• Serifs and extended stroke of the swash alternatives are reminiscent of Asian lettering
• Organic, expressive serifs and cross strokes
• The typeface offers only four weights, but the inclusion of the swash alternatives give the typeface a lot of variety

About the designer
• Doko was the final project of Ondrej Job at Type and Media masters program at The Royal Academy of Art, KABK The Hague
• Ondrej is a graphic and type designer from northern Slovakia; he’s young, born in 1984
• He often uses his own custom lettering in his projects which give them a certain energy and vitality
• Recently, he designed Ico, an icon typeface family, and redesigned the Typotheque website
• Runs a design studio called Urtd based in Bratislava, Slovakia; Urtd specializes in type design as well as design for both print and screen

Ondrej’s inspiration
• “I have some constant influences … I’m really into comics, classic Hanna-Barbera animations, illustration, art of Eastern Asia or the visual stuff from our late communist years here in Slovakia.”
• “In November 1989, the communist regime ended in Czechoslovakia, and I think the effects of the open environment we were thrown into overnight is not only visible in our society and economy today but in our design scene as well. I mean, this is a good thing, the fact that design is evolving and maturing here is exciting, and I am quite optimistic about the development of our design culture.”
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My croppings (updated slightly from class):

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