About Tiempos Headline and Tiempos Text

Tiempos Headline and Tiempos Text was designed by Kris Sowersby in 2010, to re-design typefaces used in a Spanish newspaper, beginning as a fork of Galaxy Copernicus. It is classified as transitional because of inheritance of some elements from Galaxy Copernicus and Times New Roman.
Each font has different weights and families; Tiempos Headline has 6 weights from Light to Black, and Tiempos Text has 4 weights with italic style.

To understand some features of these fonts, it is needed to consider general characteristics of newspapers.
First, Newspapers have limited space for articles though much information should be supplied for readers. It results in less line-spacing, and requires Tiempos not to lose legibility when used in such conditions. This is why at the same point size ascenders and descenders are shorter than Galaxy Copernicus.

Then looking into Tiempos’ shape, some characters are designed to adapt the newspaper, changing the figures of Galaxy Copernicus, and it is obvious in italic; some curvy elements are replaced with comparatively linear elements actually.

As a whole Tiempos seems is linear, sharp and has a stern taste. This seems to describe consistency or reliability which is required for the press company.

The difference between Tiempos Headline and Tiempos Text can be seen in some elements.
For example, the contrast/difference between heavier line and thiner line within a character is more comprehensive in Tiempos Headline, which leads it to express clear contrast to attract people’s eye. One of the reasons why Tiempos Text has less contrast is that reader’s eye should not stick to any characters which compose the sentence. If each of them is used in a wrong way, the print will get dull or lose legibility.


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