Analysis of grids of contemporary books

I have brought eight examples of recently published books for you to study. I am asking you to spend part of today’s class scrutinizing a single book in order to discover its grid. How many different grids exist and how do they interrelate? How do those grids connect to form a cohesive book design.

Note page size(s), text block size(s), running heads, folios, and other spatially relevant matter. Do pictures follow the same grid as text? What reasons might the designer have had for arriving at these choices?

Make measurements of all the grid-matter on a spread with a Schaedler Ruler (or similar). Make all the necessary notes and recordings in class today. For next week, construct a single diagram that shows all the systems either actual size and overlayed, or as thumbnails tiled on a larger sheet — whichever is most appropriate or helpful for the class to understand. You are reconstructing what the InDesign guides and edges must have looked like in the designer’s file. Use different colors for different types of content if that is helpful. Consider which boxes are filled and which are only stroked.

You will post your work as a pdf or image to the website under Assignment 3. There is no need to print the document unless it is helpful for you in the design process.

The books I have chosen should be in the library if you need to review any of your measurements after class.

You may also choose another book (from the start or after class) if there is one that interests you more.


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