Grid Analysis of “Sheila Hicks”

The grid is made up of a two-page layout. The verso page always contains copy: essays and the captions and details for full-page images on the recto. All the copy is contained within the light orange block in a single column, and only on verso pages (except in essays where the verso template applies to both pages of copy) Page numbers are represented by the black rectangle on verso, and the footer is represented by the black rectangle on recto. The black rectangle on the verso page near the spine represents occasional image references on pages of copy. The recto page displays individual images, contained within the dark orange block. At the end of the book, there is an image index, where all the images are displayed in a 7×7 grid. The book’s measurements as they pertained to the borders of the page varied sightly between layouts, due to the irregular finishing of the edges of each page.

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