Typographic “distortions”

Work in class today to create a set of typographic “distortions”. Begin with the printouts of single letters provided to you. Make your own printouts if you like, but work with your typeface.

The goal of this exercise is to see how far you can push an existing letter in order to give it new shape and meaning. Here, you depart from the “correct” drawing of a letter in order to make something new and unexpected. In some cases your goal may be to retain legibility of the letterform in some way, but your ultimate goal is form.

Use whatever techniques you can to depart from the original shape. Consider simple manual maneuvers like removing parts of the letter with an x-acto knife or adding to the letterform with ink. Also, try using the photocopier or a camera to create optical distortions. Go a step further and create dimensional structures that can be photographed or viewed as tabletop sculpture.

Be playful. Explore. Construct and deconstruct. Get loose.

We will gather at the end of class to see how the works will be interpreted. We’ll be looking at physical results. If you’re working with a digital camera, then print your finished pieces on 8.5×11 when finished.

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